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  • 5 Secrets to Finding a Job You LoveAugust 13, 2013

    Believe us: We understand the allure of your comfy sofa at the end of a long workday. But when you’re collapsing into the cushions full of frustration over a job that isn’t suiting your needs—or...

  • The College Cost Conversation: More Critical Than EverAugust 12, 2013

    It may just be the biggest expense of your life. Meanwhile, it's the biggest four years of your kids' lives. (Or so they see it.) So how do you sit down and calmly have the talk about paying for...

  • The Economic Case for Having An Only ChildAugust 1, 2013

    “Julia needs a sibling,” my mom friends will often tell me. They forget that I’m parenting alone in New York, one of the priciest cities in the United States. “I agree,” I respond. “The universe...

  • The Best Answers to 4 Inappropriate Job Interview QsJuly 24, 2013

    A few weeks ago I went to an interview for a role at a large real estate company. They were looking for a writer who also had a solid real estate background to handle some marketing projects. That is...

  • 8 Tips for Job-Hunting BoomersJuly 15, 2013

    Anyone over the age of 50 who claims to be hard hit by the recession isn't wrong: According to recent data, people born between 1946 and 1964 have lost the most earning power following the recession...

  • 6 Tricks for Cheaper Travel: Are They Worth It?June 27, 2013

    Thanks to excessive TSA rules and sequester-fueled flight delays, we’ve all learned to be much more patient when it comes to travel inconveniences—not to mention savvy about what’s really worth...

  • How to Fight Back Against Outrageous E.R. BillsJune 20, 2013

    It’s no secret that hospital bills in the U.S.—especially ones from the E.R.—can often hit astronomical proportions. According to a recent cost study conducted by researchers at Stanford University,...

  • Does 'Sell in May and Go Away' Actually Work?May 31, 2013

    The stock market has many old sayings, from “buy the rumor and sell the news” to ”as goes January, so goes the year.” And let’s not forget this memorable one: “Bulls make money. Bears make money....

  • 10 Smart Ways to Cut College CostsMay 7, 2013

    Dreading the thought of paying for college? Join the club. According to figures from the College Board, the average total amount that students spent to attend an in-state public college (without...

  • 3 Things You Need to Know About Traveling This SummerApril 26, 2013

    A week at the beach? A Caribbean cruise? Europe by train? If you’re like most Americans, you’ve already begun to daydream about your big summer trip. But before you pack your bags, make sure that...

  • How Much Should You Pay Yourself During Retirement?April 22, 2013

    It’s day one of your retirement. You’ve saved up dutifully, so you head straight for the pool, order an umbrella drink and plan for the great sunny days ahead. That’s great. You deserve it. All...

  • The Overtaxed $250K Couple: ‘We’re Not Rich’December 5, 2012

    By Harriet White*, as told to Colleen Oakley In our “Money Mic” series, we hand over the podium to someone with a strong opinion on a financial topic. Today, one woman shares what it’...

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