Maureen Mackey

Maureen Mackey

Maureen Mackey served as managing editor of The Fiscal Times for five years, during which time she oversaw scheduling and work flow and handled edits, writing and reporting of many features, news items, interviews and other content. In 2011 she helped The Fiscal Times win a MIN award for Best New Site. 

Recent Stories By Maureen Mackey:

  • 4 Proven Ways Mindfulness Can Help You at WorkApril 21, 2015

    The practice of mindful awareness has come out of the yoga studio and moved into the workplace – from cubicle city to the c–suite - with surprising speed. Executives at Ford, General Mills, Goldman...

  • 30 Things You Can’t Buy If You’re on WelfareApril 17, 2015

    Residents of the Sunflower State who receive public assistance through the Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) program have just gotten a stern message: Use your welfare check for frivolous...

  • Marco Rubio: 17 Things You Should Know About HimApril 13, 2015

    He’s 43 years old and has been in the United States Senate representing the state of Florida since 2011. He’s also been making noises for about a year or two that he might have his sights sets on the...

  • 20 Craziest Job Interview QuestionsApril 8, 2015

    If you head into a job interview thinking you’re fully prepared for the most routine questions asked by a hiring manager or HR professional – think again. You might be thrown a curve like one of...

  • 14 Things You Never Knew About Rand Paul April 7, 2015

    He was named not long ago to Time Magazine’s 100 most influential list - and now Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, who built his reputation on a willingness to challenge big government as well as GOP...

  • Chuck Schumer: 15 Things You Didn’t Know March 31, 2015

    When Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid surprised Washington last week with the announcement he would retire from the Senate in early 2017 and not seek reelection, one of the first people he told was...

  • Ted Cruz: 20 Things You Didn’t Know About HimMarch 23, 2015

    The conservative firebrand Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) – who just formally announced at Liberty University this morning that he’s running for president in 2016 – has been shaking up Washington ever since he...

  • It’s Time to Tame the College Admissions MonsterMarch 19, 2015

    No group of people in America is checking their inboxes more often than high school seniors, desperate to learn if they’ve been admitted to the college of their choice. Among America’s most elite...

  • Mitt Romney Has Found His Next FightMarch 17, 2015

    Mitt Romney is stepping into the ring again. Only this time, the gloves will be on — boxing gloves, that is. Yup, the former governor of Massachusetts and 2012 GOP presidential candidate has agreed...

  • Vladimir Putin: 17 Things You Didn’t Know About Russia’s President March 13, 2015

    If you think Russian President Vladimir Putin (who has apparently gone missing at the moment) is nothing more than a ruthless thug who relishes political power and personal preening on the world’s...

  • McDonald’s Places Its Chips on Kale to Lure CustomersMarch 9, 2015

    Just when cholesterol has been declared a non-problem, McDonald’s may be cooking up a menu full of health food featuring last year’s vegan favorite – kale.   In the battle of the fast-food giants,...

  • This Lethal Laser Could Cripple ISIS and Other EnemiesMarch 8, 2015

    With their great range and accuracy, laser weapons don’t just destroy things. They can disrupt targets non-lethally, making them increasingly tantalizing to the defense industry.  A powerful fiber-...

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