Mark Thoma

Mark Thoma

MARK THOMA is a macroeconomist and time-series econometrician at the University of Oregon. His research focuses on how monetary policy affects the economy, and he has also worked on political business cycle models and models of transportation dynamics. Mark blogs daily at Economist's View

Recent Stories By Mark Thoma:

  • The Republican Retreat From Market-Based RegulationAugust 14, 2017

    During the debate over the repeal of Obamacare, Republicans made frequent reference to their desire for a “free market” for health care. This is consistent with the GOP’s long-standing support of...

  • Will Trump Try to ‘Overrule’ Monetary Policy?July 31, 2017

    How will the Federal Reserve evolve during Donald Trump’s term as president? Presently, three of the seven positions on the Federal Reserve Board are vacant. These vacancies, along with the...

  • Here’s Why We’re Not Prepared for the Next RecessionJuly 17, 2017

    When will the next recession hit the economy? Nobody knows for sure, but we can be certain that sooner or later the economy will experience another downturn. When that happens, will monetary and...

  • Trump’s Apprenticeships Are Based on a Problem That Doesn’t ExistJune 19, 2017

    Last week the Trump administration announced “a workforce training initiative focused on skill-based apprenticeship education” with a goal of creating one million apprenticeships over the next two...

  • The More Trump Fails, the Better Off We’ll BeJune 5, 2017

    The Trump administration has gone to war against independent sources of information that pose a challenge to its policy goals and the narratives it tells to support them. One of the most recent...

  • The Heartless Tradeoffs in the Trump BudgetMay 22, 2017

    As the bombshells continue to drop on the Trump administration, behind the scenes Trump’s first detailed budget proposal is being developed, and it has a few bombshells of its own, particularly for...

  • The Great Risk Shift Is BackMay 15, 2017

    The vote in the House of Representatives to dismantle Obamacare was not the only attempt to undo key legislation from the Obama years that occurred last Thursday. Though it mostly went unnoticed, the...

  • Killing Banking Rules Will Invite a Whopper of a RecessionMay 8, 2017

    The vote in the House of Representatives to dismantle Obamacare was not the only attempt to undo key legislation from the Obama years that occurred last Thursday. Though it mostly went unnoticed, the...

  • The Fed, the Reality of Tax Cuts, and Donald TrumpApril 10, 2017

    For many years, Republicans argued that tax cuts for the wealthy pay for themselves. Cutting taxes on the wealthy, according to Republicans, allows them to keep a larger share of anything new they...

  • It’s a Ruse: Tax Cuts Can’t be Financed by Reducing Government WasteMarch 27, 2017

    The Republicans suffered a humiliating defeat on their proposal to cut taxes for the wealthy disguised as healthcare reform. But as the Trump administration has made clear, they are not about to give...

  • Why the Republican Health Care Plan Is Destined to FailMarch 13, 2017

    “It is the general social consensus, clearly, that the laissez-faire solution for medicine is intolerable.” – Kenneth Arrow, 1963. As Republicans struggle to find an acceptable replacement for...

  • The Real Test for the Republican Health Care PlanFebruary 27, 2017

    The Republicans’ rallying cry on health care reform is that the marketplace – relying on the forces of supply and demand – is the best way to run our healthcare system. Government involvement in...

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