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The Class of 2015 Could Witness the Next Century

The Fiscal TimesMay 18, 2015

Class of 2015, it is an honor to address you today on this monumental occasion. I’m a bit surprised by the invitation, to be honest. I’m not in movies, I have no guitar, and I do not and never will hold public office.

Instead, I spend my life working with business and public policy leaders to transform this thing called “population aging” into one of the 21st century’s great opportunities.

By asking me to address you, I am assuming...

Even Fashion Sees the Power of Aging Boomers

The Fiscal TimesApril 27, 2015

After more than 100 years in print, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) on Apr. 27 officially goes all-digital. In its final print edition three days earlier, Turning The Page, the editors announce: “Today we say goodbye to an old friend, a morning habit for generations. This is the final newsprint edition of WWD…Today, there’s nothing cyclical about news. It’s Instant Media. A global Niagara of information in a river of technology…” To which one can only say, “Duh!” 

But as yet another publication surrenders to technology’s disrupting impact on information, it...

A Closed School in Scranton Opens a New Window on Aging

The Fiscal TimesApril 13, 2015

Audubon Elementary School in Scranton, Pennsylvania, has long been scheduled for demolition. The school has sat empty for four years ever since mold was discovered in the old building’s basement. 

But mold really isn’t the reason – nor is the leaky roof. This school – my own elementary alma mater, as it turns out – is scheduled for destruction because Scranton is subject to the...

What Smart People Get Wrong About Alzheimer’s

The Fiscal TimesMarch 24, 2015

Rare diseases – such as Alzheimer’s in anyone under age 60 – are heart-wrenching and tragic. But they don’t get vast public attention, unlike communicable diseases such as TB, malaria, Ebola or, more recently, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

This is partly why I’d held off going to see the Oscar-winning film, Still Alice. For one thing, it used a relatively young 50-something as the central character suffering from Alzheimer’s disease – which seemed odd...

Why the Alzheimer’s Fight Has Only Just Begun

The Fiscal TimesMarch 2, 2015
The Oscar-winning film 'Still Alice' only tells half the story. Left unchecked, Alzheimer’s is poised to become the social and fiscal nightmare of the 21st century.

Why ‘Silver’ Actors Could Grab Some Oscar Gold

The Fiscal TimesFebruary 21, 2015

As you watch the Academy Awards this year, it’s worth keeping in mind that the annual AARP ‘Life at 50-Plus’ event isn’t until May. It would be easy to get confused. With Clint Eastwood (age 84), Michael Keaton (age 63), J.K. Simmons (60), Julianne Moore (54), Meryl Streep (65), and Robert Duvall (84) all nominated for the top hardware, the Oscars are no longer the preserve of baby-faced A-listers.

Perhaps what’s even more remarkable about the...

One More Way Today’s Workplace Is Changing

The Fiscal TimesJanuary 26, 2015
Union membership is slightly down again, while other iconic symbols of 20th century work remain, even as huge demographic changes occur in the U.S.

The Silver Economy’s Golden Opportunity

The Fiscal TimesJanuary 7, 2015

As 2015 dawns and the first quarter unfolds, retailers are fretting about the post-Christmas spending purge. But on Oxford Street in London one retailer is not sitting back. Department store group Selfridges has launched a groundbreaking campaign called Bright Old Things – an initiative that is literally turning heads.

Every year, Selfridges adorns the storefront windows of its flagship shop with young, hip models for its Bright Young Things initiative. But this year...

Seth Rogen’s Other Interview

The Fiscal TimesDecember 28, 2014

That the North Korean leadership takes American comedy as an act of war is a particular feature of the role information and technology has assumed in 21st century life. Kim Jong-un cannot countenance Seth Rogen and James Franco’s antics in The Interview, however fantastic they may be. But freedom of speech or any other kind is not the...

New Solutions for a Steadily Aging Japan

The Fiscal TimesDecember 1, 2014

Though Japan’s fall into recession in the third quarter is likely to be less severe than expected, stalled economic growth continues to be a problem as it has since the early 1990s. Clearly Abenomics is not working – and one wonders why Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has not considered measures directed squarely at structural reforms to address a profound issue. 

Japan is the oldest country on the planet as measured by the percentage of old to young and will shortly...