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The IMF Needs to Answer An Age-Old Question

The Fiscal TimesApril 8, 2014

As International Monetary Fund officials and central bankers gather in D.C. this week for their annual meeting, we’re still debating if we should intervene in countries and financial institutions that face economic and fiscal crisis.

At the center of this debate is the role of the IMF, which was recently fought over in Congress and connected to the issue of shifting funds from crisis to general accounts and other matters of voting...

11 Reasons We Can’t Ignore Alzheimer’s Anymore

The Fiscal TimesMarch 17, 2014

With the near-perfect correlation between Alzheimer’s and aging, the longevity miracle of the 20th century is in danger of becoming a health crisis in this century. 

As they look at the Obama administration’s budget projections for 2015, analysts at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) might factor in 11 vital points about Alzheimer’s as part of a serious new analysis of what is to come:

  1. Alzheimer’s is a fiscal nightmare. It already consumes 1 percent of global
  2. ...

Why Our Aging Society Dooms Obamacare

The Fiscal TimesMarch 5, 2014

As debates continue over just how well Obamacare can work (or even if it can), we might be better off investing our energies and hopes in the private sector.     

Craig Venter’s latest gene-sequencing venture is a case in point. The scientist and entrepreneur, well known for his privately funded efforts to sequence the first human genome, has launched ...

Obamacare Diverts Us from the Real Health Care Debate

The Fiscal TimesFebruary 21, 2014

What is becoming increasingly clear as the debate over Obamacare gets louder and more partisan is that the arguments have little to do with health care. Ostensibly, Obamacare is designed to create a more comprehensive system of care and coverage. Really, though, it’s just a law about dollars and cents. The slews of articles written about Obamacare do not belong in the health section of the paper. They should be...

5 Key Insights Driving the Silver Economy

The Fiscal TimesJanuary 26, 2014

Instead of sitting in a rocker and watching the world go by, the 4-year surge of “baby boomer bulge” seniors are seeking new activities and new ways to contribute to their communities.

As 2014 gets underway, older Americans are not destined for lives of disability and dependency, which was once the norm. Even if they’re supposed to be retired, seniors continue to make valuable contributions at the highest levels of business,...

5 Reasons 2013 Was a Good Year to Grow Older

The Fiscal TimesDecember 27, 2013

It’s a wonderful time of year – unless you’re a Washington Redskins fan, a advocate, or the press secretary at the NSA. As we look ahead to 2014, it’s worth noting and celebrating that as we age, science and medicine and society itself are making life more livable, more exciting than ever before: 

  • You’re in good company. Whether you live in L.A., Tokyo, Berlin, or Sao Paolo, you and those around you are part of one of the largest worldwide demographic groups. Japan has an incredible
  • ...

The Unlikely Connection Between AIDS and Alzheimer's

The Fiscal TimesDecember 1, 2013

On World AIDS Day this Sunday, there are three compelling messages to share that go far beyond the AIDS disease and have far-reaching public health consequences.

First, we need to acknowledge the miracle of how a certain death...

How Caroline Kennedy Can Answer An Age-Old Question

The Fiscal TimesNovember 22, 2013

Fueled by changing demographics, there have been remarkable changes in society in the 50 years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in November of 1963.

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We live roughly 30 years longer today than we did back then. At the same time, the number of children born has been plummeting. Nearly all developed nations are below replacement level (two babies born per woman per...

Why Obamacare Was Doomed to Fail from the Outset

The Fiscal TimesNovember 16, 2013

The Obamacare fiasco might, unwittingly have caused a national focus on the profound incompatibility between the 20th century health insurance model and 21st century health insurance needs. Whether the web site is ever fixed or the President’s “un-kept” promise can be “re-kept” as former President Bill Clinton is urging, are all...

Does Obamacare Hold the Key to Mental Wellness?

The Fiscal TimesNovember 1, 2013

The problems with the rollout of Obamacare have dominated coverage of the president’s health care plan, which includes coverage of mental health disorders. Lost in the chaos and criticism is the importance of dealing with major depression and other serious mental health disorders, especially as it relates to two demographic groups that are pillars of society in different ways – the young and the old.

Mental illness not only derails overall...