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New Solutions for a Steadily Aging Japan

The Fiscal TimesDecember 1, 2014

Though Japan’s fall into recession in the third quarter is likely to be less severe than expected, stalled economic growth continues to be a problem as it has since the early 1990s. Clearly Abenomics is not working – and one wonders why Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has not considered measures directed squarely at structural reforms to address a profound issue. 

Japan is the oldest country on the planet as measured by the percentage of old to young and will shortly...

Three Challenges China Cannot Ignore

The Fiscal TimesNovember 17, 2014

The emerging market equities dump has been underway for months and is only the latest indicator of building economic anxieties – which had to be in the background of President Obama’s talks during his Asia trip, especially with Chinese leaders, including Xi Jinping in The Great Hall. Recent IMF and World Bank meetings showed finance ministers and heads of state focusing on emerging markets as proof of the stalled or anemic recovery, especially in...

Ebola Is Bumping Alzheimer’s Off Our Radar. It Shouldn’t.

The Fiscal TimesOctober 13, 2014

The Ebola death count has now topped 4000, though deaths from the virus are still mostly confined to the three West African nations of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Fear of this virus is so rampant, however, that the relatively few cases of it in the U.S., Spain and Nigeria are grabbing huge media and public attention.

As serious,...

The One Question Scotland Did Not Consider

The Fiscal TimesSeptember 21, 2014

The critical question the Scots did not ask themselves in their heated discussions of independence is what to do in two short decades when nearly 40 percent of their population will be over age 60. Now that they’ve voted to remain within the UK, how they organize themselves overall for their key demographic reality is a compelling economic and social question.  

Prime Minister Cameron’s promise after the vote to “...

What Retirees Fear Most of All

The Fiscal TimesSeptember 16, 2014

New research by Bank of America Merrill Lynch says that the biggest fear of people in retirement is Alzheimer’s. We fear Alzheimer’s more than cancer, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease combined. And no wonder: The disease is a one-way street with no cure.

The cost of care is breathtaking. A recent study by the Rand Institute noted that the annual cost of care for someone...

The 5 Key Planks of a Strategic Aging Policy

The Fiscal TimesAugust 26, 2014

When Janet Yellen speaks about the structural policy vs. the fiscal or monetary policy that's needed to fuel economic growth and job creation, she might also consider the developed countries of Japan and within Europe, which need the structural shift even more than we do in the U.S.  

Consider Japan’s diminished stature as an economic power, which has been evident for at least 20 years now. Abenomics isn’t making anything better. The economy shrunk by an annualized 6.8 percent in the second quarter. But this setback isn’t a momentary lapse; it's a deeply...

3 Positive Lessons from Robin Williams’s Untimely Death

The Fiscal TimesAugust 12, 2014

Robin Williams died far too young at age 63. In life, he showed us how to trample the ordinary by sounding his barbaric yawp from the rooftops of Hollywood. He taught us about being extraordinary and how not to let the conventions of yesterday rule our lives today and tomorrow.

The fact that we believe he died so young says a great deal about life in the 21st century. Billions of us are over age 60 is the mark of our time.

This is why...

The Wisdom of Marketing to Aging Boomers

The Fiscal TimesJuly 21, 2014

As Procter & Gamble Co. takes new aim at aging Americans by making and marketing products for adults suffering from incontinence, the move confirms one thing: While good public policy can help transform the billion of us over age 60 by 2020 into a source of economic growth – it is markets that will do the trick.

It makes perfect sense that P&G engages in this arena as we observe the huge explosion of market opportunities in Japan, which is both the...

A New Way to Tackle the Worst Killer Diseases

The Fiscal TimesJuly 12, 2014

Amid the unbearable heat in D.C., some fresh news comes from the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearings. Their 21st Century Cures Initiative is showing real, visionary leadership in solving some of the most urgent problems in health and medicine: regulatory reform, stronger intellectual property, and more effective clinical trials. If they get that right, it will also have huge positive consequences for economic growth,...

America Follows Japan's Lead on Aging at Our Peril

The Fiscal TimesJune 17, 2014

As the U.S. continues to grapple with immigration reform, especially in this midterm election cycle, there are lessons to be learned from one of the most xenophobic nations on the planet: Japan.

In the last few weeks the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has made clear he’ll continue to oppose any real immigration for Japan. While Abe can be applauded for...