The Apple Economy
  • Why Google Keeps Struggling Against Facebook

    By John Melloy, CNBC

    Shares of Google may struggle in coming years as the company faces a maturing search business, lower margins in other products and increased competition from Facebook , according to a Wall Street...

  • CES 2015: Prepare for 3D​ Printers and VR

    By Cnbc Staff, CNBC

    Don't hold your breath for any completely brand new technologies coming out of the International Consumer Electronics Show this year, as the focus among the 3,500 vendors will be more on improving—...

  • Intel Earbuds

    Why 2015 May Be the Year of the Ear for Wearables

    By Nyshka Chandran, CNBC

    Forget smartwatches and the Google Glass - 2015 may be the year of the ear for wearable technology. "There's some interesting information you can capture through the ear. We've been looking at things...

  • Apple faithful line up for latest, larger iPhones

    How Apple Won Christmas 2014 — and the Year in Mobile

    Apple capped off a strong comeback year with a very merry Christmas. The iPhone 6 and other Apple smartphones and tablets accounted for 51.3 percent of all such devices activated in the week through...

  • Guess Where Most Skilled Immigrants Are Going

    By Emilio Zagheni, The Conversation

    The United States has always been known as a nation of immigrants and a top destination for scientists and other highly skilled professionals. That ability to attract the world’s most educated and...

  • Sony Hack Attackers Go Up Against James Bond

    By Mary Milliken, Reuters

    Early villains have emerged in the next James Bond film "SPECTRE": hackers who stole a version of the screenplay as part of a devastating cyberattack on Sony Pictures. Producers of the James Bond...

  • All Eyes on Oil and Interest Rates as Fed Action Looms

    By Patti Domm, CNBC

    Oil could have markets over a barrel as the Fed meets in the week ahead. The central bank is widely expected to signal it is on a course toward raising rates next year by changing the language in its...

  • The $100 Million Cost of the Sony Cyber Attack

    By LISA RICHWINE, Reuters

    Sony Corp's (6758.T) movie studio could face tens of millions of dollars in costs from the massive computer hack that hobbled its operations and exposed sensitive data, according to cybersecurity...

  • The 9 Holiday Gifts Everyone Wants This Year

    By Benjamin Glaser,

    Lots of so-called experts put out lists of the "Top Gifts This Season," but DealNews has what puts everyone in the holiday spirit: cold, hard, quantitative data. Since an overwhelming number of...

  • The Robot Guard That Might Actually Prevent Crime

    By Michelle Fox, CNBC

    Meet Silicon Valley's newest crime fighter: the K5 robot. As the world grapples with the onset of drones and trembles at the increasing likelihood of sentient machines, a 300-pound machine is being...

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