Global Economy
  • An Iranian flag flutters in front of the UN headquarters in Vienna

    Here’s How Iran Will Rejoin the Global Financial System

    By Jonathan Saul, Reuters

    Iran is set to re-engage with the banking world within weeks as international lenders link up with their Iranian counterparts using global transaction network SWIFT, Iran's Middle East Bank and a...

  • An investor walks past an electronic screen showing stock information at a brokerage house in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, January 19, 2016.  REUTERS/China Daily

    Why China’s Slowdown Won’t Hurt the US

    By Jeff Spross,

    So here are two things going on in economics news right now: People are upset that America is importing cheap Chinese goods and thus undercutting American jobs. And people are freaking out about...

  • U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waits to speak at a campaign town hall in Davenport, Iowa January 30, 2016.   REUTERS/Rick Wilking

    Trump Wins Few Fans Among the Elite at Davos

    By Carmel Crimmins and MARTINNE GELLER, Reuters

    Unbelievable", "embarrassing" even "dangerous" are some of the words the financial elite gathered at the World Economic Forum conference in the Swiss resort of Davos have been using to describe U.S...

  • Attendees use their mobile device during the annual meeting 2016 of the WEF in Davos

    Market Turmoil Rattles the Halls of Davos

    By Kirsten Donovan and Elizabeth Piper, Reuters

    Blood-letting in global markets is dominating corridor talk as business leaders and policymakers meet in Davos, although so far the view is that it doesn't signal a financial crisis. As the World...

  • A drop of diesel is seen at the tip of a nozzle after a fuel station customer fills her car's tank in Sint Pieters Leeuw December 5, 2014. REUTERS/Yves Herman

    Why Oil's Collapse Could Ultimately Be Worse than the Housing Crisis

    By Mark Harrington, CNBC

    Oil and gas companies borrowed heavily when oil prices were soaring above $70 a barrel. But in the past 24 months, they've seen their values and cash flows erode ferociously as oil prices plunge —...

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