• FILE PHOTO: California Governor Brown speaks in Sacramento

    Four States That Will Founder When the Next Recession Hits

    By Orphe Divounguy

    While the U.S. is enjoying stock market highs and steady GDP growth, the current economic expansion — which is currently in year 10 — can’t last forever. Many economists predict the next recession...


    The Idea That the Fed Is ‘Independent’ Is Absurd

    By Robert P. Murphy, The Fiscal Times

    President Donald Trump sparked controversy — as is his wont — when he recently told CNBC that he was “not thrilled” with the Federal Reserve’s announced hikes in short-term interest rates, which he...

  • Consumer Directed Health Plans: A Step in the Right Direction

    By Tracy C. Miller

    Recently, the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health has been considering ways to expand consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs). These plans — which essentially balance high deductibles with...

  • Bill Clinton’s Surplus Miracle, 20 Years Later

    By Sheila Weinberg

    Standing behind a podium in the Rose Garden, President Bill Clinton delivered a bold prediction 20 years ago. “Well ahead of the most ambitious schedule, America has balanced the budget,” he declared...

  • How Congress Cheats with Our Money — and How We Can Stop It

    By Marc Goldwein and Zach Moller

    The U.S. is on course to top its record debt levels set after World War II, and permanent trillion-dollar deficits — meaning, forever — are likely to return within two years . And unlike after World...

  • April Is Financial Literacy Month. Someone Tell Congress.

    By Joseph J. Minarik and Caroline L. Ferguson

    February is Black History Month, March is National Women’s Month, and April? Well, it’s Financial Literacy Month, of course! The U.S. government gave financial literacy its own month in 2003. April...

  • Computer on fire

    What We're Reading: March 12, 2018

    By The Fiscal Times Staff

    Here's what we have our eye on today: NEWS Trump Wants a ‘Phase Two’ of Tax Cuts – CNBC Congress Has Until March 23 to Fund the Government. Three Ways This Could Go – Vox The First Target on Drug...

  • Computer on fire

    What We're Reading: March 9, 2018

    By The Fiscal Times Staff

    Here's what we have our eye on today: NEWS Rep. Diane Black Pushing for Anti-Abortion Language in Spending Bill – Washington Examiner Omnibus Action Next Week Possible, but Obstacles Still Exist –...

  • 3. Washington, D.C.

    Making Infrastructure Dollars Go the Extra Mile

    By Anthony Casciano and Martin Powell

    With 70 percent of the world’s population — or approximately 6.8 billion people — expected to live in cities by 2050, the demand for safe, reliable and efficient urban infrastructure is growing at a...

  • Work crews work to replace a bridge over the Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston

    A Better Way to Promote Private Investment in American Infrastructure

    By Joseph J. Minarik and Caroline L. Ferguson

    After much anticipation, the Trump administration has finally unveiled its infrastructure plan . The plan aims to raise $1.5 trillion for repairing and upgrading America’s infrastructure (including...