Playgrounds of the Very Rich and Famous—a 2015 Guide
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Playgrounds of the Very Rich and Famous—a 2015 Guide


Whether they’re sunning in Palm Beach, skiing in Aspen or putting the finishing touches on a “cottage” in the Hamptons, billionaires are busy people. They have to manage their wealth – which is estimated at about $2.3 trillion in the U.S. alone (up $270 million according to Forbes 400).  Billionaires serve on boards of directors, run companies and of course, spend time with their families.

They also have a multitude of social obligations and events to attend every year, including charity benefits, art shows, sports events, and high-powered conferences.

SLIDESHOW: The Billionaire’s 2015 Social Calendar

The social calendar for the 0.00018 percent was initially compiled by Wealth-X and UBS in its Billionaire Census 2014 and published last fall. We’ve edited that list – adding some events such as the annual Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference and the Argentine Polo Open. (We also removed events more obscure to U.S. billionaires, such as the Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in February.)

“Certain events are ‘must-go’ for many billionaires and those in their social circles, while other events are of interest only to a specific group of billionaires with particular hobbies and passions,” the report noted. “For those billionaires who have an interest in golf, the U.S. Masters and PGA Championship are likely to feature prominently in their 2015 social calendar.”

Sports events are by far the most popular social activity for billionaires worldwide, with more than 68 percent of them likely to attend at least one of the major events of the year, with a special emphasis on golf, tennis and horse racing.

They also enjoy attending elite art shows, whether the goal is to mingle with fellow billionaires or find gems to add to their art collections.

Not surprisingly, “Billionaires tend to have large social circles, and often associate with other billionaires or other ultra high net-worth individuals,” noted Wealth X in its report.

Click here to see the Billionaire’s 2015 Social Calendar.

Even if you aren’t a billionaire, you can still attend some of these events by purchasing tickets for events like the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix – and pretend to live like one.

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