The Debt
  • United States Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (Democrat of New York) holds a press conference on the Child Tax Credit

    Senate Heads for Another Doomed Vote on Debt Ceiling

    By Michael Rainey

    Lawmakers’ game of chicken with the debt limit was always risky. Now it’s getting downright dangerous. Democrats have set up another vote Wednesday on a bill that would suspend the federal debt...

  •  U.S. President Biden discusses administration efforts to lower drug prices in a speech at the White House in Washington

    Biden to GOP: Stop Playing Russian Roulette With the Economy

    By Michael Rainey

    President Joe Biden on Monday demanded that Republicans “stop playing Russian roulette with the U.S. economy.” Speaking to the press at the White House, Biden charged Republicans with being “...

  •  U.S. Senator Joe Manchin faces reporters at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

    Manchin Drops a Bomb on Dem Spending Plans

    Will they or won’t they? It’s still not clear whether Democrats will vote tonight on a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. Progressives are still threatening to block the legislation as they...

  • Pelosi Covid Presser

    House Votes to Suspend Debt Ceiling

    By Michael Rainey

    With one eye on a rapidly shrinking calendar, Democrats in the House on Wednesday approved a stand-alone bill that would suspend the federal debt ceiling until December 16, 2022. The bill passed 219-...

  • U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Yellen holds news conference following FOMC meeting in Washington

    Yellen Warns Congress Debt Limit Deadline Is October 18

    By Michael Rainey

    Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday again warned Congress about the dangers of not promptly raising the federal debt limit and said that, without action on their part, the U.S. could be forced...