Cinderella Waved Her Magic Wand on Slew of Retailers
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Cinderella Waved Her Magic Wand on Slew of Retailers


With the new Cinderella live-action movie version opening nationwide today, Disney is hoping to recreate the frenzy that has surrounded Frozen in recent years.

The movie studio, which had a huge hit with Anna and Elsa, the heroines of Frozen, the highest grossing animated movie of all time, isn’t the only corporation hoping to cash in on the popularity and appeal of princesses.

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A slew of retailers and fashion designers from the Home Shopping Network and Kohl’s to Salvatore Ferragamo and Jimmy Choo have come out with Cinderella-themed collections or single items, also expecting that the fairy godmother will help them bring in big money.

This time though, the target consumer isn’t your four-year-old daughter, but grown-up women.

“Our target consumer is female, age 35 to 55, which is what Disney was looking for,” Gigi Ganatra Duff, a spokeswoman for HSN, told The Washington Post.

HSN plans to run a 24-hour live event and two primetime specials to promote its “Cinderella” collection. “Our girl is sophisticated; she’s fashionable. She doesn’t want it to scream ‘Cinderella.’ She wants it to scream the essence of ‘Cinderella’: Fairy tale, dreamy, beautiful.”

And since we’re talking about fashion, some of these items, including the obligatory slippers, are selling for a pretty penny, like Jimmy Choo’s $4,595 pair.

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