Here’s the Day That’s Better for Deals than Black Friday
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Here’s the Day That’s Better for Deals than Black Friday


While the whole month of November is full of spectacular sales and discounts, one day consistently stands out when it comes to the very best deals — Thanksgiving. And yet, one of the most persistent myths about Black Friday is that the best bargains will be found on Friday itself.

So to prove that you should be shopping sooner, we've charted all the Editors' Choice deals from November 2014, so you can see the spike in savings for yourself.

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Check out the graph below, then read on for our in-depth analysis of your Editors' Choice deal outlook for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

For the Third Straight Year, Thanksgiving Day Beats Black Friday

By now, we've gotten used to the idea of retailers opening their doors early on Thanksgiving Day (although some businesses are already backing out). However, many consumers still don't like the idea of abandoning their turkey dinner; our recent survey showed that only 53% of shoppers are planning to hit the Turkey Day sales this year. However, ditching those sales could leave you paying more later.

Our 2014 data shows that Thanksgiving once again topped Black Friday for Editors' Choice deals. That's the the third year in a row! We saw about 14% fewer Editors' Choice deals overall on Black Friday than on Thanksgiving. In fact, last year even Cyber Monday saw more Editors' Choice offers than Black Friday, a feat that's only happened once before.

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Don't Count on 'Black November'

November is, without a doubt, the best month to find a deal, but the 2014 data proves that Black Friday season is the biggest contributor to this reputation. As such, shoppers shouldn't assume they're getting a great deal, just because it's November. For instance, we saw 75% more Editors' Choice deals on Thanksgiving than on the day before — that's a massive jump, even though the Wednesday before Black Friday typically boasts a ton of great sales. Thanksgiving deals are justthat much better.

That said, our data indicates that shoppers should definitely not skip the Saturday and Sunday events that fall between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, just because these days aren't popular shopping holidays. In 2014, Black Friday weekend deals saw a (combined) 86% increase in Editors' Choice deals compared to the previous weekend's count.

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