MIT Has Developed a Cream that Can Get Rid of Your Wrinkles
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MIT Has Developed a Cream that Can Get Rid of Your Wrinkles


The scientists at MIT have developed the killer app of the decade—and it comes in a jar.

It’s a new material that can tighten skin and smooth wrinkles, and ultimately treat skin conditions like eczema and other types of dermatitis.

The material is a silicone-based polymer that’s being called a “second skin.” In their announcement about what some say is a facelift in a jar, MIT explained in a statement that the new material exceeds the elasticity of the skin of a young person. “In laboratory tests, it easily returned to its original state after being stretched more than 250 percent (natural skin can be elongated about 180 percent).

“The material, a silicone-based polymer that could be applied on the skin as a thin, imperceptible coating, mimics the mechanical and elastic properties of healthy, youthful skin. In tests with human subjects, the researchers found that the material was able to reshape “eye bags” under the lower eyelids and also enhance skin hydration. This type of “second skin” could also be adapted to provide long-lasting ultraviolet protection, the researchers say.”

For our aging population, the development of this new wonder cream by MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, Living Proof, and Olivo Labs can’t come quickly enough. If it works as well as promised, it could put a lot of plastic surgeons out of business—and save baby boomers enough to help their grandkids pay down their student loans.

As skin ages, it loses its elasticity, and the protection it affords to the body diminishes. That’s what prompted the research team to explore the development of a protective coating about 10 years ago.

“Creating a material that behaves like skin is very difficult,” says Barbara Gilchrest, a dermatologist at MGH and an author of the paper. “Many people have tried to do this, and the materials that have been available up until this have not had the properties of being flexible, comfortable, nonirritating, and able to conform to the movement of the skin and return to its original shape.”

No one knows when this magic cream will be available to consumers – or how much it might cost. But you can bet your IPO that this is going to be YUUGGE!