America’s Favorite Hotels for 2016
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America’s Favorite Hotels for 2016

Marriott - Newport, RI

The hotel business is booming.

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Hotel occupancy was 69.4 percent in the second quarter of 2016, the highest level recorded for that time period, according to STR, a hotel data tracker.

Fortunately for travelers, the average daily hotel rate rose only 2.9 percent to $124, the lowest increase since the fourth quarter of 2010. Hotels in Dallas, Los Angeles and Nashville, Tennessee, saw the biggest increases in revenue per available room.

So which hotels do Americans like the most? The Fiscal Times analyzed company ratings from the Temkin Group to rank the public perception of 17 hotels. TFT’s ranking incorporates the Temkin Group’s experience, customer service, trust and forgiveness ratings for 2016, with greater weight placed on the experience and customer service ratings.

Our analysis finds that Holiday Inn Express, known for its long-running “Stay Smart” advertising campaign, tops all others, with No. 1 rankings for customer service, trust and forgiveness.

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