21 Christmas Facts That Could Blow Your Stockings Off
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21 Christmas Facts That Could Blow Your Stockings Off

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Tis the season of good cheer: Fun gifts, time with your family and a much-needed day off. That wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t until 1870 that Congress declared Christmas a national holiday under President Ulysses S. Grant.

That’s not all you may not know about Christmas. Bone up on these 21 facts to share with friends and family by a warm fire with Grandma’s eggnog.

$149.6 million – The amount the Salvation Army raised in 2015 during its red kettle donation campaign.

25,000 – The number of Salvation Army red kettles set up nationwide in 2015.

94 feet – The height of this year’s Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.

50,000 – The number of multi-colored, energy-efficient LED lights on the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Infographic: Pine & Plastic: Christmas Tree Sales In The U.S.  | Statista
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$462,000 – The amount Mariah Carey makes in royalties each year for “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

$403,000 – The amount the Bing Crosby estate makes in royalties each year for “White Christmas.”

733 – The number of copyrighted versions of “Silent Night” since 1978. It’s the most recorded Christmas song in the modern era.

$100 – The hourly wage of starting Santas, while veterans can make as much as $175 to $200 an hour. These wages increase on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

3,000 – The number of women who have performed as a Rockette since the first “Christmas Spectacular” show in 1933.

300 – The number of Rockette kicks per “Christmas Spectacular” show.

1659-1681 – The years when it was illegal to celebrate Christmas in Boston and could be fined five shillings.

1914 – The year when German and Allied troops along the Western front stopped fighting on Christmas Eve and sang carols across the battlefield.

$55.1 million – The amount of money that “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” movie with Jim Carey made on its opening weekend. That’s the most for holiday movies.

$285.8 million – The amount of money that “Home Alone” has made in its lifetime, which is No. 1 among holiday movies.

9 – The average number of presents that a man wraps in a typical December holiday season.

20.3 – The average number of presents a woman wraps in a typical December holiday season.

44 – The percentage of companies planning to give holiday gifts or cash to employees this year. The median amount is $45 per employee.

9 – The number of cities and towns in the U.S. with festive names: Mount Holly, North Carolina, Holly Springs, Mississippi; Snowflake, Arizona;  Santa Claus, Indiana; North Pole, Alaska; Noel, Missouri; Dasher, Georgia; Rudolph, Wisconsin.; and Peace, North Dakota.

14 – The number of gifts the average shopper will buy this holiday season.

822.6 – The number of visits Santa has to make per second on Christmas in order to reach every household.

650 MPS – The speed that Santa’s sleigh must travel to make all of those visits, which is over 3,000 times the speed of sound.