Will Cheap Gas Make This the Most Crowded 4th of July Ever?
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Will Cheap Gas Make This the Most Crowded 4th of July Ever?

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More Americans plan to travel for the Fourth of July this year than ever before.

More than 44 million people expected to get away for the holiday, according to AAA, an increase of more than 1.2 million people over last year. “Combined strong employment, rising incomes, and higher consumer confidence bode well for the travel industry, in particular this Independence Day weekend,” Bill Sutherland, AAA senior vice president, said in a statement.

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The roads and the skies will likely be more crowded for travelers this holiday weekend, but their bills will be lower. The national average gas price is currently $2.28, slightly down from this time last year, although it might creep up slightly as the 4th approaches.

Prices are down for airfares and rental cars, as well. An average round-trip ticket on top domestic routes costs $186, 10 percent less than last year.  The daily rate to rent a call averages $65, 14 percent than last year.

Hotel rates are flat compared to last year, at $185 per night.

The number of travelers driving and the number flying are both expected to increase, although the vast majority of travelers still travel by car.

The top destination for Fourth of July travel based on AAA bookings is Orlando, Florida, although many people are apparently leaving the country to celebrate its independence. The second and third-most popular destinations are Vancouver, Canada, and Cancun, Mexico.