Looking for a New Job? These Are the Best Cities for You
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Looking for a New Job? These Are the Best Cities for You


If you’re on the hunt for a new job, think warm thoughts and pack sunglasses.

While the job market has improved across the country, the availability of good jobs still varies by region. A new analysis by online job board Indeed finds that the top 15 cities for job seekers are all located in the West and South.

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The results reflect more than just the availability of jobs, although that was a big factor. The analysis also weighed average salaries, adjusted for the local cost of living, and how local employers measure up on work-life balance, job security and advancement opportunities.

Florida did extremely well in the report, with three Sunshine state cities appearing among the top 10, including top-ranked Miami and second-place Orlando. California also had three spots places in the top 10 (Sacramento, San Jose and San Diego). And Texas had two (Austin, Houston).

The strong job markets in those areas have also fueled local population booms, helping the local economies grow.

Neither New York nor Chicago made an appearance on the list, nor did most manufacturing cities in the Midwest, where many cities are experiencing shrinking populations. 

Despite potential opportunity, though, Americans are moving less frequently than ever, according to the Census Bureau, with just 11 percent of Americans moving in 2016.

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