The GOP Struggle to Sell the Tax Cuts

The GOP Struggle to Sell the Tax Cuts

The Washington Post’s Erica Werner details some of the mounting worries among Republicans trying to pitch their tax overhaul to voters: “Party leaders remain convinced the law remains their hope for November success, but some Republicans have begun expressing frustration at how difficult the law has been to sell to the public, and question whether that will turn around in time to help them in the November midterms.”

A number of factors are driving that frustration, including poor polling numbers for the tax law and a president who repeatedly veers off message. And, in perhaps a rich bit of irony, some Republicans also cite a broader public skepticism of anything Washington does: “We’re in an era where voters, whether on the left or the right, don’t think anything good ever comes out of government,” Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) says.

While outside groups like the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity are still working to promote the tax cuts, Republican leaders are trying in various ways — both “serious” and “symbolic,” Werner says — to get their members to focus on the law. One example: “House leaders each week award a jar of Jelly Belly candy to the member of their caucus deemed to have worked the hardest to promote the law.”

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