Trump Vetoes Congress on Border Emergency

Trump Vetoes Congress on Border Emergency

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

President Trump on Friday issued the first veto of his presidency, striking down a resolution passed by Congress opposing his declaration of a national emergency to secure additional funds for his promised wall on the southern border.

“Today I am vetoing this resolution. Congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and I have the duty to veto it,” Trump said in the Oval Office.

The resolution was passed by the House late last month and 12 Republicans joined Democrats in passing it through the Senate on Thursday.

Trump’s veto sends the legislation back to Congress. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scheduled a vote for March 26, after lawmakers returns from their recess next week, to try to override Trump’s veto. “House Republicans will have to choose between their partisan hypocrisy and their sacred oath to support and defend the Constitution,” she said according to The Washington Post. But Congress is not expected to have the two-thirds majority required to terminate the president’s declaration.