House Finally Passes Long-Delayed $19.1 Billion Disaster Aid Bill

House Finally Passes Long-Delayed $19.1 Billion Disaster Aid Bill


The House on Monday evening approved a $19.1 billion disaster aid package, sending the long-delayed legislation to President Trump’s desk after earlier objections from Republicans delayed the legislation and forced a recorded vote. The package was approved 354-58, with the only no votes coming from GOP members.

The president celebrated the bill's passage Monday night, writing in a tweet that has since been deleted that “Farmers, Puerto Rico and all will be very happy.” But he erroneously stated that the package still needed to go through the Senate.

The legislation had been stalled in that chamber for months as lawmakers fought over a number of complicating factors, including Trump’s initial opposition to providing additional funds for Puerto Rico and, later, over the White House’s desire to include additional border money in the package. The final legislation includes $900 million for Puerto Rico hurricane recovery, including $300 million in Department of Housing and Urban Development grants and $600 million for the supplemental nutritional program on the island. It does not include the $4.5 billion in border money the administration had sought. The package passed the Senate, 85-8, on May 23.

The bill, according to The New York Times, also extends the National Flood Insurance Program and provides more than $3 billion to rebuild military bases and Coast Guard facilities. And it includes $2.4 billion for community development block grants and $3.25 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers to repair damaged infrastructure and prepare for future storms.