The Next Big Border Fight?

The Next Big Border Fight?


In the last seven months, we’ve seen a 35-day government shutdown driven by disagreements over border wall funding and a congressional clash over a $4.5 billion emergency border funding bill. Now, Politico’s Playbook team explains why the anger over President Trump’s immigration policies and the squalid conditions for migrants being detained at the border could once again turn into a battle over a government spending bill:

“In the next few months, Congress has to put together a spending bill by the end of September, and it needs to raise the debt limit. In the House, you have an emboldened crop of young Democrats who believe that the president’s immigration policy is not only wrongheaded, but also inhumane. How can the House flex its muscles? Through a spending bill, where Dems could try to tie the administration’s hands and redirect immigration policy.”

The question, Politico says, is “Will the Democratic opposition to Trump’s immigration policy organize in time? If so, buckle up for a showdown.”