Is Infrastructure Week Finally Over?

Is Infrastructure Week Finally Over?

John Leo

There’s little hope of passing an infrastructure package before 2021 given the lack of leadership on the issue, says Rep. Rodney Davis, a Republican from Illinois who serves as the ranking member on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Highway and Transit.

“We’re already past the point of doing a separate infrastructure bill,” Davis told The Hill Thursday. “If folks were serious about that at the leadership levels, and the White House levels, that would have had to be done by August.”

There may be hope for a smaller and less ambitious bill addressing highways and other surface transportation, Davis said, although the shifting political winds in Washington may make even that hard to accomplish.

“So as we move into the surface transportation debate, I hope it doesn’t get sidetracked,” Davis said, “but history shows us that impeachment will suck the energy and the air out of everything out here in Washington.”