Most Americans Say the Country Needs More Covid Aid

Most Americans Say the Country Needs More Covid Aid

Kelsey Kremer/The Register

A substantial majority of Americans think more Covid-19 aid from the federal government is needed, according to new poll data from Pew Research.

In a survey of U.S. adults conducted from November 12 to November 17, 80% of respondents agreed that another economic assistance package is necessary, compared to 19% who said it was not. And most (85%) of those who support a new round of aid said the relief bill is needed as soon as possible, before President-elect Biden is sworn into office.

“Sizable majorities across nearly all demographic and income categories say more economic assistance is needed,” Pew said, though there were notable partisan differences. While a majority of Trump voters (61%) called for more aid, support was much higher among Biden voters (94%).

There were significant differences according to income level, as well, at least for Republicans. Only half (49%) of high-income Trump voters supported more aid, compared to 78% of low-income Trump voters. More than 90% of Biden supporters supported more aid, at all income levels.