Elizabeth Warren Outlines Her Plan for Democrats to Avoid Election Disaster

Elizabeth Warren Outlines Her Plan for Democrats to Avoid Election Disaster

REUTERS/Eric Thayer

Democrats face a potentially brutal midterm election, with some forecasts predicting that they’ll lose the House and Senate. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) says she has a plan to avoid that disaster for her party. In an op-ed at The New York Times on Monday, Warren warned that time is running out for Democrats to fulfill more of their promises.

“To put it bluntly: if we fail to use the months remaining before the elections to deliver on more of our agenda, Democrats are headed toward big losses in the midterms,” Warren wrote, adding, “We need to finalize a budget reconciliation deal, making giant corporations pay their share to fund vital investments in combating climate change and lowering costs for families, which can advance with only 50 Senate votes.”

Among her other recommendations:

• Crack down on corruption by prohibiting members of Congress and their spouses from owning or trading individual stocks.

• Address inflation. “Beefing up regulators’ authority to end price-gouging, breaking up monopolies, and passing a windfall profits tax is a good start,” Warren wrote.

• Close tax loopholes for the wealthy and enact a global minimum corporate tax, while directing some of those revenues clean energy, affordable child care, and universal pre-K.

• President Biden should take executive action to cancel some student debt, lower prescription drug prices and ensure that “more workers are eligible for overtime pay.”