Inflation, Budget and Debt High on GOP Voters’ List of Priorities: Poll

Inflation, Budget and Debt High on GOP Voters’ List of Priorities: Poll

Aaron Josefczyk

As eight Republican candidates not named Donald Trump aim to use tonight’s initial 2024 presidential primary debate to build some momentum in the race for the GOP nomination, policy matters may take a back seat to political positioning and pot shots. But GOP voters say they have some clear priorities when it comes to the issues: Six in 10 say that inflation is the most important issue facing the country, according to a new FiveThirtyEight/Washington Post/Ipsos survey, and 53% say getting increasing costs under control is among the top issues that will determine their vote.

Voters were asked which topics from a list of options are the most important facing the country and, separately, which are the most important in determining their primary vote. Respondents could choose up to three answers for each question.

On the list of most important issues, immigration (42%) ranks a somewhat distant second. “Government budget and debt” come in third (34%). Taxes were mentioned by 17%, health care by 14%.

On the list of issues most important in determining their vote, 25% of Republicans pointed to the ability to defeat Joe Biden. The same percentage said “fighting against liberalism and the woke agenda.” Just behind those issues, in fifth place overall, was cutting government spending (23%). “Lowering taxes” fell further down on the list (15%). See the Washington Post chart below for the full list.