Who Said It? 10 Unforgettable Election Quotes
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Who Said It? 10 Unforgettable Election Quotes

Remember these? 

Ann Richards to George H.W. Bush:  He was “born with a silver foot in his mouth.” 

Or Ronald Reagan to Jimmy Carter:  “There you go again!”

Or Senator Lloyd Bentsen to Senator Dan Quayle:  "Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy.”

This year, angry voters, insurgent independents and tea party upstarts all prompted another round of memorable quotes during the midterm election campaigns, which  will be remembered as much for what candidates said as for what they spent-- a formidable $4 billion.

Do any of these comments ring a bell? Take our multiple-chioce quiz. ( Answers on second page )

Quote #1:  “Man up, Harry Reid. You need to understand we have a problem with Social Security.”  

Choices:  A) Sarah Palin; B) Jon Stewart; C) John Boehner; D) Sharron Angle

Quote #2:  “The two parties are in a race to the fiscal bottom to see which one can bury our children and grandchildren deeper in debt.”

Choices:  A) Karl Rove; B) Michael Steele; C) David Stockman; D) Pat Buchanan 

Quote #3:  “This is an effort to create change of which I am clearly a part.”

Choices:  A) Joe Biden; B) Newt Gingrich; C) George W. Bush; D) Bill Clinton

Quote #4:  “If you get sick in America, this is what the Republicans want you to do: Die quickly.”

Choices:  A) Jack Kevorkian; B) Stephen Colbert; C) Jerry Brown; D) Alan Grayson

Quote #5: “I’ve never had to prove my manhood to anyone.”

Choices:  A) Marco Rubio; B) Rand Paul; C) Christopher Dodd; D) Harry Reid 

Quote #6: “Have you chastised your [party] chairman, who called the Congress ‘whores’?”

A)Jerry Brown; B) Meg Whitman; C) Bill O’Reilly; D) Nancy Pelosi

Quote #7:  “I’m for California values, and I’ve got news:  Sarah Palin does not speak for California.”

Choices:  A) Hillary Clinton; B) Brian Wilson; C) Barbara Boxer; D) Arnold Schwarzenegger

Quote #8:  “I’m not a witch. I’m you.”

Choices:  A) Chris Coons; B) Carl Paladino; C) Margaret Hamilton; D) Christine O’Donnell

Quote #9: “Some election nights are more fun than others. Some are exhilarating. Some are humbling.”

Choices:  A) Nancy Pelosi; B) Glenn Beck; C) Barack Obama; D) Ben Bernanke

Quote #10:  “In the course of my career, I have contributed to both Democrats and Republicans.”

A) Warren Buffett;  B) Linda McMahon;  C) Condoleeza Rice;  D) Ross Perot


#1:  D -- Sharron Angle
#2:  C -- David Stockman
#3:  B -- Newt Gingrich
#4:  D -- Alan Grayson
#5:  D -- Harry Reid
#6:  A -- Jerry Brown
#7:  C -- Barbara Boxer
#8:  D -- Christine O’Donnell
#9:  C -- Barack Obama
#10:  C – Linda McMahon