10 Public Colleges with Insanely Luxurious Dorms
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10 Public Colleges with Insanely Luxurious Dorms

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Competition for students who have more sophisticated tastes than in past years is creating the perfect environment for schools to try to outdo each other with ever-more posh on-campus housing. Keeping up in the luxury dorm race is increasingly critical to a school’s bottom line: A 2006 study published by the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers found that  “poorly maintained or inadequate residential facilities” was the number-one reason students rejected enrolling at institutions.

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Private universities get most of the mentions on lists of schools with great dorms, as recent ratings by the Princeton Review, College Prowler, and Campus Splash make clear. But a few state schools that have invested in brand-new facilities are starting to show up on those reviews, too.

While many schools offer first dibs on the nicest digs to upperclassmen on campus, as the war for student dollars ratchets up even first-year students at public colleges are living in style. Here are 10 on-campus dormitories at state schools that offer students resort-like amenities.