13 Hot New Gadgets You Should Know About from CES 2013
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13 Hot New Gadgets You Should Know About from CES 2013

Sony Mobile

Every year, countless bloggers and journalists flock to the Nevada desert for the Consumer Electronics Show to try out new products and gadgets from thousands of companies, which set up elaborate, blinking displays in their quests for consumer eyeballs. Since 1967, CES has given attendees a unique prism into the future, sketching a roadmap not necessarily of where technology is, but where it's going. While critics continue to debate the trade show's relevance in a media landscape dominated by a 24/7 news cycle, and big players like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have either pulled out entirely or scaled back their presence, CES nonetheless remains technology's biggest, brightest week, where some of the smaller players are showcasing genuinely innovative stuff. Here, a compendium of products and the latent trends that are worth keeping an eye on.

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