Andrew L. Peek

Andrew L. Peek

Andrew L. Peek is a combat veteran and doctoral candidate at The Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies. Previously, as a U.S. Army intelligence officer, he served as strategic advisor to the top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan and later as an intelligence officer for U.S. special operations forces. He also served as the national security advisor for two U.S. senators and contributed to U.S. law and policy towards Iran, Lebanon, and Tibet. He has written for The National Interest Online, Real Clear Politics, and others. He received his A.B. from Princeton and a master’s from Harvard. 

Recent Stories By Andrew L. Peek:

  • Trump as Commander in Chief? Tune in for a Foreign Policy Reality ShowAugust 20, 2015

    I have been refusing to write about Donald Trump, because – let us be frank – that is exactly what he wants us to do. He will certainly not be President. He is riding high in the polls of August, our...

  • The Battle of Midway Ruined the War Against ISIS June 9, 2015

    It is a curious thing that the Pacific campaign in World War II is not nearly as famous as the European campaign, even though the Japanese were the reason America entered the war. June 6, for example...

  • ISIS’s Capture of Palmyra: A Return to BarbarismMay 24, 2015

    It seems a little tasteless to be too upset about ISIS’s capture of the Syrian city of Palmyra.  Its Greco-Roman ruins are rocks, after all, and tearing down antiquity pales beside ISIS’s other...

  • Cameron’s Win Is Still a Changing of Guard in EnglandMay 8, 2015

    One of the great conceits of American millennials is that nothing before the iPhone was invented can possibly be relevant to modern world. I’m proud to say my own Generation X cares deeply about the...

  • Forget Benghazi—Blame Hillary for the Disastrous Russian ResetApril 26, 2015

    Whenever Hillary Clinton runs for President I’m reminded of Xerxes’ army in 300, the movie about the Spartans at Thermopylae.  There are the legions of faceless volunteers, who come howling down on...

  • Why the Islamic State Could Be Good for the Arabs April 13, 2015

    It is baffling, and unfortunately important, that the Arabs cannot build a modern state. The ones they have built are monsters, rattletrap Frankensteins whose efficiency only extends to their secret...

  • The Knights Templar Shows How to Fight ISIS and WinMarch 22, 2015

    701  years ago, on March 18th, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar was burned at the stake in France. As he died, Jacques de Molay cursed the French king who had betrayed him, and whose own...

  • What Putin Fears Most for Russia and UkraineFebruary 4, 2015

    As the Ukraine crisis has gotten worse over the past five months, its center of gravity has shifted away from Russia. Russia, after all, is a constant.  It has continually pushed and instigated in...

  • Why Investors Should Consider These Three Developing Countries January 25, 2015

    Even in boom times, investing in the developing world is a risky business. In the Middle East, for example, there was no indication that the Arab world’s somnolent and seemingly permanent autocracies...

  • What Islam and Scientology Have in CommonJanuary 8, 2015

    It is the height of bad taste, and truly crass, to criticize the bereaved. It is thus a good thing that in the wake of the 12 murders in and around the offices of French satirical weekly Charlie...

  • An Inevitable Act of Terror in the Land of OzDecember 16, 2014

    Monday’s hostage crisis in an Australian café was long overdue. For nearly a decade and a half, Australia has been too out there; too much an ally, too dauntless, too willing to pay the same lunacy...

  • The Real Reason Hagel Resigned As Defense SecretaryNovember 25, 2014

    In the end, Chuck Hagel’s tenure as Secretary of Defense was a success.  After Robert Gates and Leon Panetta, the Obama Administration chose Hagel to bring the Pentagon back into the fold.  No more...

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