William Neikirk

William Neikirk

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  • A ‘Lost Generation’ of Job Seekers Struggle with RecessionApril 7, 2010

    Marie Frazier, 22, is finishing her master’s degree in business administration at Howard University next month with hopes of landing a full-time job soon. Frazier has sent out résumés and used her...

  • Stubbornly High Unemployment Turns Into Political, Economic CrisisMarch 3, 2010

    Chris Wabik, an electrician, checks with his local union hall every day to see if he has been called back to work. He’s been doing that since last June. That’s when he was laid off after his...

  • A New Era for Ben BernankeFebruary 25, 2010

    In the nearly four weeks since surviving a bruising Senate confirmation battle, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has been navigating a difficult new era of widespread public distrust of the...

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