Eric Schurenberg

Eric Schurenberg

ERIC SCHURENBERG is Editor-in-Chief of BNET and CBS In his role, he oversees the editorial content for BNET and its international editions in UK, Australia, and China, as well as CBS BNET provides managers practical, trusted resources for the business challenges they face every day, and effective techniques for moving their companies and their careers forward. CBS, a sister site to BNET, designed to help people make sense of today's economic turmoil and make smarter decisions about their money. Previously, Schurenberg was managing editor of MONEY where he led the magazine through a complete relaunch in 2005, and introduced a friendly new design. In addition, he expanded its editorial focus to new interests including real estate, family finance, health, retirement, and the workplace.

Prior to MONEY, Schurenberg was deputy editor of Business 2.0. He was also the managing editor of, a Web site for Goldman Sachs Group's personal wealth management business, and an assistant managing editor at Fortune

Recent Stories By Eric Schurenberg:

  • The Start-Up Delusion: A Trap for College GradsDecember 1, 2011

    “There are four things* an investor is looking for in your presentation,” Ben McKean is saying as he clicks through his PowerPoint. McKean is mid-20s and looks younger, a former Wall Streeter...

  • GOP Job Creation Plan: A Foil for Lower TaxesOctober 17, 2011

    Rick Perry may not like environmentalists, Ron Paul may loathe central bankers, and Michelle Bachman may look askance at people who believe in evolution (or vaccination). But nobody in the GOP...

  • Obama’s Big Gamble over Small Business Job GrowthSeptember 5, 2011

    It’s hard to overestimate the delicacy of the challenge President Obama faces in his speech Thursday night to a joint session of Congress. He’ll have to convince Democrats that his job program won’t...

  • GOP May Renege on Norquist’s No-Taxes PledgeAugust 18, 2011

    Could the Republican no-tax pledge have topped out? At first glance, the answer is clearly no. As the debt ceiling debate made clear, many pledgers would rather trigger a catastrophic default than...

  • What’s Happening to My Money?August 10, 2011

    The most frightening irrational force in the universe this August hasn’t been Midwestern thunderstorms. It hasn’t even been Michele Bachmann reassuring her followers that default would be good for...

  • 6 Smart Things to Do in a Rocky MarketAugust 9, 2011

    On a day like this, you can behave in one of two ways: You can give in to your anxiety and make an emotional decision, which you will probably regret. Nearly 50 million Americans with 401(k)s are in...

  • How the Debt Crisis Damaged the EconomyAugust 2, 2011

    It’s now all over but the debt-ceiling spinning. In return for $2.1 trillion in prescribed and to-be-determined spending cuts, economic Armageddon will have to wait. That may disappoint some members...

  • Debt-Ceiling Silence: What Does Wall Street Know?July 19, 2011

    Another week, another step closer to financial Armageddon. President Obama spent the weekend trying to impress upon a skeptical public the wild notion that a default on U.S. debt could ruin their...

  • 3 Reasons Conservatives Must Cut a Debt Limit DealJuly 5, 2011

    From a conservative point of view, the best thing for Republicans to do is to stop playing chicken over the deficit and debt ceiling and accept a compromise with the Dems, even if it means accepting...

  • Three Things You Can’t Say about Social SecurityJune 28, 2011

    Social Security should remain off the table during the debt ceiling discussions—let’s just get that compromise done, okay, guys?—but mark your calendars: Social Security needs a big fix, and soon. ...

  • Looney Loopholes: 5 Tax Breaks That Boggle the MindJune 16, 2011

    There’s only one thing you can do in Washington these days that would be worse than tweeting your underpants. And that would be to “friend” a tax loophole. Loopholes, just to be clear, are a subset...

  • HBO's Too Big to Fail--High on Drama, Low on InsightMay 23, 2011

    If newspaper reporters write the first draft of history, newspaper reporters with big, fat book contracts write the second. But history never really goes mass market until Hollywood gets hold of it....

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