Steve Yoder

Steve Yoder

STEVE YODER writes about business, real estate, criminal justice and other domestic policy issues. His work has appeared in print and online at Salon, The American Prospect, Men's Health, The Crime Report, and elsewhere. His website is 

Recent Stories By Steve Yoder:

  • From Angie’s List to Amazon Home—How to Find the Best Home ContractorMay 15, 2015

    That closet door that never closes right doesn’t have to stay that way. These days you just have to log on to find a handyman (or woman).  Consumers spend $250 billion a year on home repair and...

  • 11 Ways to Keep Scammers from Stealing Your HolidayDecember 1, 2014

    “Your package has been delivered to the local UPS office,” says the email with the UPS logo in the banner. All you have to do is click a link to print a shipping invoice and go pick up your package...

  • 5 Smart Ways to Rebalance Your PortfolioOctober 27, 2014

    Sure, the stock market was on fire last week, but for some investors it’s tough to forget about how it felt the week before that. Or to forget that this bull market may be past its expiration date....

  • Why You Should Spring for a Really Good MattressApril 4, 2014

    Up all night? If you’ve been able to rule out sleep apnea or other sleeping disorders, think twice about reaching for sleeping pills – the culprit might actually be your mattress. Replacing it won’t...

  • How Online Dating Became a $2 Billion Industry February 14, 2014

    When it comes to finding love, “there’s a lid for every pot,” as the saying goes. These days, online dating makes it easier than ever to find your “lid.” While dominated by big name, mass audience...

  • Should Mortgage Giants Pursue Borrowers Who Walked Away? January 21, 2014

    If any company captures the zeitgeist of the housing collapse, it might be Started in 2007, the California-based firm helps underwater homeowners — those whose houses are worth less...

  • The Best and Worst Airports for Winter TravelDecember 3, 2013

    The miserable weather and hundreds of airline delays at Thanksgiving capped off a tough year for air travelers. One in five domestic flights this year has arrived behind schedule, the highest since...

  • 7 Ways to Protect Your Retirement after a LayoffOctober 28, 2013

    Being an expert in managing layoffs doesn’t make it easier when it happens to you. Sixty-one-year-old Mike Schaaf had plenty of warning that he was going to be downsized in late 2009. As the human...

  • 6 Things You Don't Know About Minimum WageSeptember 19, 2013

    California’s legislature this week passed a law that would raise the state’s minimum wage to $10 per hour within three years. The move comes after several months of protests nationwide by retail and...

  • The Office Bully May Have Finally Met His MatchJuly 18, 2013

    Cardiologist Lowell Gerber might seem the unlikeliest of targets for workplace abuse. Hired in 2007 by a small hospital in rural Maine to start a cardiology program, he says he started having trouble...

  • Dying with Debt: The Hidden Financial CrisisJune 12, 2013

    If you’re counting on an inheritance, you might think again. Recent data show that more older adults today are in debt than before. A study earlier this year from the Employee Benefit Research...

  • The 10 Fastest-Growing Cities for RetireesJune 7, 2013

    As America’s population ages and the baby boom generation retires in droves, cities big and small are doing everything they can to lure seniors – and gain from their economic clout.  But for...

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