Clinton vs. Trump: The Roller Coaster You Can’t Get Off

Clinton vs. Trump: The Roller Coaster You Can’t Get Off

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If you’re feeling a bit banged around and disheveled -- maybe a little dizzy, too – that’s because you just finished watching the Democratic National Convention  after briefly recovering from the Republican National Convention.

True, the perfectly choreographed DNC was a much smoother ride than the RNC, which made you feel as if you just stumbled off the Magnum XL-2000 roller coaster at Cedar Point.

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And that’s after being shuttled nonstop from one 200-foot scare-ride to another for the past 12 months, which coincidentally is about how long Donald Trump has been running his madcap quest for the presidency.

Luckily, there are YouTube videos of both convention performances to fill in the gaps if your brain has had trouble absorbing all that was said and promised. Wait, were the Dems really chanting “U-S-A” and praising cops and did an older African-American couple actually endorse the Republican nominee?

It’s been quite a ride, folks – as the man with the tan and the hair and the teeth and the personality that seems to attract trouble like paper clips to a magnet might say.

How crazy has it been? Take a breath. Think for a moment.

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On the Clinton side, there has been the wild and fragrant insurgency of Bernie Sanders, the Clinton Foundation controversy, the massively expensive Benghazi hearings, the endless email scandal – all of which Hillary has mostly put behind her.

But if presidents were elected on the basis of how slickly they can skate though controversy, Trump would be getting sworn in on Inauguration Day.

Remember those illegal immigrants who bring crime and drugs, John McCain’s is no hero, bloody Megyn Kelly, “look-at-that-face” Fiornia, Muslim barbarians at the gate, white supremacists, “pathological” Ben Carson, “Little” Marco, “Lyin” Ted, Trump U., “unfair” judge with the Mexican parents, Cruz’s father and Lee Harvey Oswald, Hillary’s face in a Star of David….yada, yada.

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If it all seems surreal, it was.

But through one drama or disclosure after another, both Clinton and Trump mostly hung tough when other candidates, tarnished and disgraced, would have slunk off.

So the good news is: Whoever wins won’t be a quitter.

The bad news is: It’s not over.