The 10 Most Profitable Comic Book Movies

The 10 Most Profitable Comic Book Movies

The Fiscal Times Staff  // 

Iron Man 3 (2013)

Worldwide Gross (adjusted for inflation): $1.23 billion

U.S. Gross (adjusted for inflation): $416.2 million

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 78 percent

Ask any comics fan: Iron Man is a boring character  almost spectacularly so. While stilted and dull in print form, Robert Downey Jr. lent his trademark swagger to Tony Stark's "tortured alcoholic genius" persona, leading to a renaissance for both the Iron Man character and Downey's own career. Following on from the events of "The Avengers," the latest iteration of Iron Man's saga was hated by hardcore comic nerds for its portrayal of the villain The Mandarin, but it was mostly enjoyed by people who are actually fun at parties  enough for it to outsell the other two "Iron Man" movies globally.

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