3 Ways Daylight Saving Is Ruining Your Day
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3 Ways Daylight Saving Is Ruining Your Day

Not only is it Monday, but our usual beginning-of-the-week grumpiness is being amplified by the loss of one little hour over the weekend.

Yes, we know: Daylight Saving Time allows us to enjoy more of the daylight in the evening and it saves energy. But our bodies and brains are struggling to adjust to the new time, and for some of us, it’s simply ruining our day.

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The absurdity of daylight saving even prompted John Oliver on his Last Week Tonight show on HBO Sunday to wonder, “How is that still a thing?”

Here are three ways Daylight Saving Time is seriously messing with us:

We’re Late for Work.
Even with a smartphone that self-adjusts the time, it’s not a given that getting out of bed was easy this morning. We feel sleep deprived and are moving a little slower. And let’s not even talk about getting the kids up this morning.

We’re More Prone to Accidents.
The number of car accidents typically goes up 17 percent during the first week after we change clocks, according to a new report by the University of British Columbia, mainly because of the change in people’s sleeping patterns. Work-related injuries also increase after the switch, according to the Journal of Applied Psychology.

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We’re More Likely to Have a Heart Attack.
The Monday after the change in time is associated with a 24-percent increase in daily heart attacks, according to a 2014 University of Michigan study.

“Daylight Saving Time is an annual tradition whose time has passed,” The Atlantic wrote on Sunday. “In contemporary society, it’s not only unnecessary: It’s also wasteful, cruel, and dangerous. And it’s long past time to bid it goodbye.”

Unfortunately, there’s no sign that Daylight Saving Time is about to disappear any time soon. So buck up, everyone – let’s stop yawning and get back to work.

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