Best Home Theater Electronics of 2016 for Movies, Sports and Games
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Best Home Theater Electronics of 2016 for Movies, Sports and Games


Want a tricked out home theater in your house? You’re not alone. Consumers worldwide are expected to buy more electronics for their home entertainment rooms than in 2014.

Global sales of home theater electronics are forecast to grow more than 5 percent to $201.1 billion, according to a September report from research firm GFK. The growth comes from sound bars, which are expected to jump 21 percent this year versus 2014. Bigger and smarter televisions are also among consumer favorites, the report found.

So how do you find the perfect electronics for your home theater? Here’s a list that narrows down the choices by showing the top-scoring and recommended home entertainment electronics based on Consumer Reports’ 2016 Buying Guide.

SOUND BARS (the top 5)
Consumer Reports tested sound quality, ease of use and versatility and compared features such as wireless and active subwoofers, number of channels and number of speakers supplied.

No. 1: Sharp HT-SB602

No. 2: Sonos Playbar (tie)

No. 2: Samsung HW-F850 (tie)

No. 4: Sony HT-ST7

No. 5: Yamaha YSP-2500

Consumer Reports tested picture quality, features, everyday use, connectivity and first-time set-up.

No. 1: Roku 3 (2nd generation)

No. 2: Roku 2 (2nd generation)

No. 3: Roku 1 (three-way tie)

No. 3: Amazon Fire TV (three-way tie)

No 3: Roku Streaming Stick, HDMI version (three-way tie)

Consumer Reports looked at televisions in six different sizes and tested the HD picture quality, ultra HD performance, viewing angle and sound quality. It also compared different specifications such as resolution, smart TV and screen size.

Best 60-inch and larger
Samsung UN65JS9500

Best 55- to 59-inch
LG 55EG9600

Best 46- to 52-inch
Samsung UN48J6300

Best 39- to 43-inch
Samsung UN40JU7100

Best 32-inch
LG 32LF5600

Best 29-inch and smaller
LG 22LF4520

Consumer Reports reviewed more than 2,000 brand-name electronics, home appliances, garden supplies and paint for its 2016 Buying Guide. The guide offers reviews, recommendations and advice on purchasing these items. For more information, buy and download the guide here