Millions More Americans Uninsured in 2017
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Millions More Americans Uninsured in 2017


The uninsured rate dropped significantly after Obamacare came into effect in 2014, falling to an all-time low of 10.9 percent in the second half of 2016. But it’s been rising since then, hitting 12.3 percent in the third quarter of 2017, according to a new Gallup report.

Nearly 3.5 million people have joined the ranks of the uninsured since the beginning of the year.

The polling firm isn’t sure why the uninsured rate is creeping higher, but cites higher costs, reduced participation by insurers and growing uncertainty about the status of Obamacare as potential reasons.  Whatever the cause, Gallup warns that the uninsured rate could continue to move higher: “Without Congress and President Donald Trump taking steps to stabilize the insurance markets, the number of uninsured Americans likely will continue to rise.”

Uninsured rate rises - Galuup - Oct 20 2017

Gallup’s data is based on more than 45,000 interviews with U.S. adults conducted between the beginning of July and the end of September.