5 Intriguing Takes on the GOP Tax Bill

5 Intriguing Takes on the GOP Tax Bill


Lots of interesting analyses out there as everyone combs through Republican tax bill that arrived yesterday. Here are five of the best: 

1. James Pethokoukis of the American Enterprise Institute says that issues related to the federal debt could end up sinking the bill: The House GOP's tax bill is a dud — and they know it.

2. Heather Long of The Washington Post says there are some good ideas in the tax plan, but they come at a very high cost: The GOP’s bill is ‘a sensible framework’ — but ‘still a deficit-exploding tax cut’ for the rich and corporations.

3. Investor’s Business Daily says the plan falls short in some ways, but it’s still a major step forward: GOP's Tax Reform: Despite Flaws, It's A 'Yuuuge' Improvement.

4. The New York Times editorial board says the bill makes it abundantly clear who the Republicans are working for (hint: it’s not the middle class): A Tax Plan for a New Gilded Age.

5. Derek Thompson of The Atlantic says the problem with the bill starts with its founding principle, that corporations need and deserve an enormous tax cut: The Original Sin of the GOP Tax Plan.