House Budget Chair Eyes Budget Process Reforms

House Budget Chair Eyes Budget Process Reforms

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Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR), the newly elected chair of the House Budget Committee, said Thursday that he’s considering foregoing a budget resolution for 2019 and focusing instead on reforming the budget process.

“My guess is that, and I can’t speak for all of my Budget Committee, but a lot of them, while they want to do resolutions, I think really have in their mind that doing budget process reform will be something that can be legacy in nature, that can serve the interests of this country for years to come,” he said, according to Roll Call.

Potential changes to the budget process include “putting everything subject to appropriations, the whole ball of wax, putting caps on mandatory spending,” Womack said. 

The committee could also examine the Congressional Budget Office’s budget baseline.

Some lawmakers are also pressing for the elimination of the filibuster on spending bills.

Any such changes, Roll Call notes, “would be a heavy legislative lift.”