10 Animals That Think They’re Human
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10 Animals That Think They’re Human

REUTERS/Nacho Doce

Humans are often compared to animals.

You may be “busy as a bee” at work, or feel as “fat as a pig,” after lunch. Or maybe your mother used to tell you not to “eat like a pig,” or to “stop monkeying around.”

SLIDESHOW: 10 Animals Acting Like People

Animals also tend to mimic human behaviors. While it’s not always intentional, it often makes for a good story. They are emotional. British photographer Tim Flach’s book of photographs, More Than Human, published in January 2013, shows amazing emotional images of life’s most intriguing creatures.

Whether they run for office, practice sports or go to church, animals aren’t so different from us. They seem to enjoy going to the spa just as much as we do and even get summoned to jury duty.

Sometimes it’s for the worse, however, like when a woman attacked by a duck sued the animal for a quarter million dollars in damages.

This duck better have built up its emergency fund.

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