Housing Crisis
  • New York City - $88M

    Why an Executive Condo Could Be in Your Future

    By Ansuya Harjani, CNBC

    What will the next generation of urban housing look like? Think ultra-connected, convenient and sustainable. Lake Life, an executive condominium under development in Singapore, provides a glimpse...

  • Vacation Mansions

    Vacation Home Buys: What No One Tells You

    By Hal Bundrick, MainStreet

    Imagine owning a cozy second home at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in scenic Estes Park, Colo. Elk saunter through your backyard and you enjoy fishing and snowshoeing in the crisp fall air...

  • Housing

    Why the Housing Market Is About to Perk Up

    Stocks are stuck in a funk. The NYSE Composite Index is braced against overhead resistance going all the way back to July. But specific areas of the market are rising with a sweet lightness that...

  • Tennessee

    Why First-Time Home Buyers Are Flocking to Tennessee

    By Jeff Cox, CNBC

    Homebuyers in areas with the lowest costs are making half the down payments as those in more expensive areas, according to new data from RealtyTrac.

  • 5 Ways to Find Your Dream Home This Spring

    By Christine Ryan Jyoti, LearnVest

    Spring and all its glory is right around the corner—just take a look at the signs all around you. No, we’re not talking about the budding flowers or the chirping birds—we’re referring to those “For...