• GOP-Debate-Candidates

    Here's Who Wall Street Thinks Will Win in November

    By Jeff Cox, CNBC

    Recent indications from deep-pocketed institutional investors as well as those who frequent prediction markets say Hillary Clinton will win. And it's not close. Related: Will Clinton Follow Obama’s...

  • U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro meet at the United Nations General Assembly in New York September 29, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

    Cuba’s Economy Is Going to Need More Than Just U.S. Investment

    By Jeff Spross,

    When Barack Obama landed in Havana on Sunday, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to visit Cuba in 88 years, he probably didn't have Richard Nixon far from his mind. Back in 1972, President...

  • U.S. Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio speaks at a campaign rally in The Villages, Florida, U.S. on March 13, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri/File Photo

    Marco Rubio Suspends His Campaign After Trump’s Crushing Win in Florida

    By Sean Sullivan, The Washington Post

    Marco Rubio — the youthful Cuban American senator once seen as the standard-bearer of a more inclusive Republican Party but who struggled to excite voters — suspended his campaign for president...

  • Why a Clinton-Warren Ticket Just Might Work

    By Damon Linker,

    If the Republican primary campaign sometimes resembles a farcical reenactment of Gulliver's Travels, with six-inch Lilliputians struggling (and failing) to subdue an unruly giant in their midst, the...

  • Demonstrators cheer after Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump cancelled his rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago

    Trump Cancels Chicago Rally Fearing More Crowd Violence

    By Amanda Becker, Reuters

    Presidential candidate Donald Trump canceled a rally scheduled for Friday night in Chicago after the event turned into a chaotic scene with the thousands of attendees split into opposing camps of...

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