This Is the Most Popular Sandwich in America
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This Is the Most Popular Sandwich in America

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Mmm....sandwiches. Market research firm Datassential took a big bite into the American sandwich market in a recent report that looked at everything from where sandwiches are served (nearly three-fourths of all restaurants) to which trends are hot (barbecue, “upscale breads” like brioche or pretzel buns). As part of their survey of hundreds of Americans, the Datassential team asked this amusingly phrased question: “Think back to the very last time you had a sandwich. What type of sandwich was it?”

The answers from 946 respondents are broken down in the charts below. Turkey and ham topped the list, with Americans usually making the sandwiches at home and eating them cold. So, you’re not the only one with a boring lunch.

The Last 10 Years in Sandwich History: A Tantalizing Timeline

The classic peanut butter and jelly remains a popular choice for those eating at home, as does grilled cheese. Pastrami, corned beef, Reubens and wraps are further down on the list. Hey, America: There’s nothing quite like a good hot pastrami on rye, with just the right amount of mustard. Just sayin’.

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