The 5 Best Ugly Sweaters of the Season
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The 5 Best Ugly Sweaters of the Season

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Our cultural fascination with ugly Christmas sweaters is a weird mix of 80's nostalgia and holiday kitsch. Whether you wear it with pride or ironic detachment, this tacky trend is only socially acceptable for one more week — which means now is the time to buy! Target's discounted a big selection of ugly sweaters for the whole fam to endure enjoy, and we've rounded up our favorites below. Kids' sweaters get an extra 30% off via coupon code "JOY30", while adult sweaters are already marked 40% off.

Best of all, you can choose free seasonal shipping (if you placed your order by December 20 you were guaranteed Christmas delivery).

Target's Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters

For Dad: Tacky the Snowman

KBL Men's Ugly Christmas Snowman Sweater Vest for $23.99 (a low by $16)

Expect your family's patriarch to go full "Father Knows Best" in this sky-blue monstrosity. It's basically impossible not to toss out important lessons about friendship or cleaning your room or respecting your elders while wearing this sweater vest.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

For Mom: It's an Ugly Sweater, Charlie Brown!

Women's Snoopy Holiday Pullover Sweater for $16.79 (a low by $11)

Most moms are all about tradition, and that Peanuts special has been a Christmas staple for nearly 50 years now. Expect Mom to bust out the jazzy holiday tunes and her best Snoopy dance in the festive pullover.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

For Brother: A Very Hipster Xmas

Circo Boys' Ugly Christmas Sweater for $11.89 via coupon code "JOY30" (a low by $5)

If your little guy can't appreciate the inherent irony of wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, then maybe he needs an ironic hipster reindeer sweater! Possibly the most genuinely ugly sweater on this list, we give this jumper extra points for serious fugliness.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

For Sister: Fashion? I Don't Give a Hoot

Kobe Kids Toddler Girls' Owl Ugly Christmas Sweater for $15.39 via coupon code "JOY30" (a low by $7)

This owl sweater isn't just ugly, it's bedazzled. Not content with rhinestones alone, the sparklemotion continues with glittery threads woven through the fabric. Don't take your little girl caroling in this thing; she might be confused for some kind of traffic light.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

For Couples: DIY Did We Do This?

Ugly Christmas Sweater Box Kit for $14.99 (a low by $10)

Why buy pre-made tacky sweaters when you and your lover can grab a couple of these kits and make your own?! Christmas bonus: When said lover breaks up with you for coming up with this terrible plan, that's one less gift you'll have to buy.

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