It’s Not Looks, It’s What You Do That Gets Dates
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It’s Not Looks, It’s What You Do That Gets Dates


Remember when a woman’s dream date was a hunky firefighter, a well-chiseled life guard or a guy sporting a six-pack and smile? These days, what's on your business card is the key to attracting women.

CEOs and entrepreneurs top a new list of America’s sexiest jobs, released this week by dating website

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“Whether it’s the power or the status, women are attracted to successful men,” the company noted. “Gone are the days when women based a man’s success on his uniform – now it’s about the suit and tie.”

This is a far cry from 20 years ago. A 1995 survey about America’s sexiest jobs revealed a much different list, with firefighter in first position, followed by flight attendant. Back then, CEO placed a mere third.

For their new ranking, pulled data from about 145,000 male members to find out which professions lured the most offers for dates. The dating website allows members to bid and pay for their first dates with other users. (Money is exchanged during the date, but the site does not welcome escorts, it says.)

“Doctors and lawyers are successful, no doubt,” said Brandon Wade, founder of, in a statement. “But women find it sexier when a man takes great risks to successfully build his own business from the ground up.”

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