This Is the Worst State for Retirement in 2015
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This Is the Worst State for Retirement in 2015

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If you’re among the 60 percent of Americans who want to move during retirement, you might want to cross Arkansas off your list.

The Natural State ranked 50th on a new list of the Best Places to Retire in 2015 from Bankrate. The analysis found that despite the state’s low cost of living and outdoor recreation, Arkansas has below-average weather, crime, health care, taxes and well-being.

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Wyoming, by comparison, took the top spot on the list, which weighted each factor based on a national survey of what people value in retirement. That survey found that 40 percent of Americans want access to mountains, rivers and other outdoor recreation, while a quarter fancy living by a beach.

“Deciding where to live in the golden years is still a very personal decision,” research and statistics analyst Chris Kahn said in a statement. “This list is meant to help inform rather than choose a state for you. For example, if you want to retire on the beach and need top-notch health care, this can help narrow down your choices.”

The one thing the list doesn’t take into account is the location of friends and family. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed said that being close to family was an important factor in where they planned to retire.

Of course, if living near family is not a priority, you might ignore this list entirely and instead check out some of the amazing places abroad where you can live out your golden years.

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