11 Insanely Overpaid Public Employees
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11 Insanely Overpaid Public Employees

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The highest-paid public employee in your state is likely to be a football or basketball coach.

While their salaries are often controversial -- Nick Saban, head coach of the University of Alabama’s football team made more than $7 million in 2014 -- some argue that winning coaches can be big revenue drivers for their schools.

SLIDESHOW: 11 Insanely Overpaid Public Employees

Most public employees aren’t riding around in Bentleys, but it’s difficult to justify how much some of them earn. Take the seven-figure pay package of a plastic surgeon in Nevada or the six-figure salary of a small-city police chief in New Jersey.

Such salaries often defy logic. Why would a small town police chief in New Jersey make more than the governor, Chris Christie? Or why would a VA doctor cash in a higher paycheck than President Barack Obama?

The most irritating part of these staggering salaries may be that your tax dollars are paying for them.

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