Just Bought a $1,000 Pair of Earbuds? Better Throw Them Out
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Just Bought a $1,000 Pair of Earbuds? Better Throw Them Out

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I remember when Pete Townshend of “The Who” told the world he was deaf. He had been suffering from tinnitus, which had gradually become worse—partly due to two events. One was a concert in 1976 that the Guinness Book of Records listed as the “Loudest Concert Ever.”

The other was an appearance on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Show in 1967. In those days, reality TV for rock stars and their audiences meant destroying their equipment after a set. In this case, Keith Moon blew up his drums, and probably damaged Townshend’s eardrum along with them.

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Today, there’s a new concern for people listening to music using earbuds. You see people wired in wearable tech everywhere and can often hear their music from a distance of 10 feet. But guess what. Whether they’re listening to soft elevator music or just talking on the phone, the earbuds that transmit the sound can damage your hearing according to researchers from Harvard Medical School.

You can learn more about the problem by watching the video below:

The remedy, of course, is to buy a comfortable set of earphones and stop worrying about your hair. This research doesn’t take vindicate loud music. There’s a list that should make all aspiring rock musicians take pause. But it’s also a warning to anyone who loves rock concerts and loud music. Below are just a few of the musicians who are suffering from hearing loss: 

Chris Martin of Coldplay suffers from Tinnitus – Mark Runyon, Wikipedia

Tinnitus and hearing loss. Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Neil Young - Wikipedia

With Black Sabbath, Ozzfest concerts, Ozzy Osbourne has suffered serious hearing loss. – Google +

Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Winner Phil Collins lost hearing in his left ear - Google +

Sir George Martin, known as the “Fifth Beatle” suffered hearing loss. – Wikipedia

Will.i.am, a founding member of The Black Eyed Peas, suffers from painful tinnitus. – Wikipedia

The Beach Boys Brian Wilson lost his hearing in his right ear because of abuse. It didn’t stop him. – You Tube

From the Yardbirds to his own groups, Jeff Beck also suffers from painful tinnitus. - Mandy Hall, Flickr

Eric Clapton—one of the all-time greatest guitarists—once again suffers from tinnitus. –Majvdl, Wikipedia

Pete Townshend, The Who, is deaf. - Ron Baker, Wikipedia

Ludwig von Beethoven began to lose his hearing at age 30. Fifteen years later, he was almost totally deaf.