The Most (and Least) Popular Gift Cards for 2015
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The Most (and Least) Popular Gift Cards for 2015

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While gift cards are the most popular present for the ninth holiday season in a row, it can be tricky choosing which one you should buy for a loved one.

Enter CardHub, which created a list of the 50 most popular gift cards for 2015 after analyzing year-round data of cards that it sold.

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The Visa gift card is the most popular gift card of the year, but is more expensive for the gift giver. General-purpose cards, like ones from Visa and American Express (which ranked as third most popular), charge purchase fees between $3.95 and $6.95, while only 4 percent of store-issued gift cards charge one. The second most popular card, from Amazon, has no purchase fees.

Gift cards from Chick-Fil-A, Home Depot and TJ Maxx grew the most in popularity in the last year, while those from Ikea and QVC fell the most out of favor. QVC, which dropped nine spots since last year, was the least popular gift card.

Below are CardHub’s 10 most – and least – popular gift cards for 2015:

2015’s Most Popular Gift Cards
1. Visa Gift Card
2. Amazon Gift Card
3. American Express Gift Card
4. iTunes Gift Card
5. Walmart Gift Card
6. Target Gift Card
7. Starbucks Gift Card
8. Netflix Gift Card
9. eBay Gift Card
10. Google Play Gift Card

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2015’s Least Popular Gift Cards
41. Red Lobster Gift Card
42. Victoria’s Secret Gift Card
43. Cinemark Gift Card
44. Old Navy Gift Card
45. Babies R Us Gift Card
46. Pizza Hut Gift Card
47. Sears Gift Card
48. Texas Roadhouse Gift Card
49. JC Penney Gift Card
50. QVC Gift Card