'Twas the Night Before the GOP Panicked
Election 2016

'Twas the Night Before the GOP Panicked

Reuters/The Fiscal Times

'Twas the night before Caucus and all through the States
Voters were gauging campaigns and debates
Trump was ahead by a fairly wide margin
'Til smarmy Ted Cruz decided to barge in

Some voters saw Trump as a welcome outsider
While others believed him a nasty divider
Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Trump set out to win
He huffed and he puffed like a cocky kingpin

If your name was Rodriguez, Ortiz or Garcia
You thought you were living in North Korea
A woman who covered her head like a nun
Was no doubt a terrorist hiding a gun

Trump’s bromance with Putin was causing a stir
With the GOP leadership which seemed to concur
That Russia was neither an ally nor friend
Trump’s Putin crush should come to an end

Republicans panicked knowing ahead
Their chances of winning the White House were dead
Was anyone left who Trump hadn’t trashed?
Could the party recover without being thrashed?

Reince Priebus was desperate and fit to be tied
And so he took charge and yelled out and cried
"Now Marco, Now Carly, Now Christie and Rand,
On Carson, On Bush, On Kasich and Graham

"There must be a way to defeat and expose
This billionaire bully for his hateful prose
If we can’t convince voters it’s all propaganda
I guess we should pick up and all move to Canada"