Here’s How Your State Spends Its Powerball Profits
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Here’s How Your State Spends Its Powerball Profits


The Powerball jackpot has hit a record-setting $1.5 billion -- and that means big profits for the 44 states participating in the lottery.

For Maryland, lottery profits are the fourth-largest contributor to its general fund, which largely supports public education. In fact, the majority of the states earmark the profits from lottery revenue for education, both K-12 public schools and public colleges and universities.

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Other programs benefit as well. In Colorado, lottery money funds outdoor, wildlife and conservation programs, while Pennsylvania dedicates its profits to services for older residents. In Iowa, New Jersey and Texas, Powerball money supports veteran services. And in Kansas, North Dakota, Louisiana and Washington, money from the lottery funds programs for gambling addicts.

Here’s what your state does with proceeds from Powerball and other lotteries. (The only states that don’t participate in Powerball are Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah.)

State How Lottery Profits Are Spent
Arizona education, health and human services, environment and economic initiatives
Arkansas scholarships and grants for in-state colleges and universities
California education such as computer labs, accelerated reading programs,  arts and music programs, and Advanced Placement classes
Colorado outdoors, conservation, parks and wildlife, education
Connecticut general fund, which supports public health, libraries, public safety, education and more
Delaware general fund, which supports public and higher education, health and social services, public safety, prisons, family service and environmental programs
District of Columbia general fund which supports education, recreation and parks, public safety, housing and senior and child services
Florida education, including college scholarships
Georgia education, specifically pre-K and college grants and scholarships 
Idaho public schools and college campuses
Illinois K-12 public education, roads and bike trails
Indiana pension funds for local police, firefighters and teachers, and the Build Indiana Fund
Iowa Iowa Veterans Trust fund, general fund
Kansas problem gambling addictions fund, prisons, juvenile detentions and economic development projects
Kentucky general fund, K-12 education, college scholarship and grant programs
Louisiana problem gambling programs and education
Maine general fund that supports local schools, higher education, health services, among other programs
Maryland general fund, largely education
Massachusetts general fund for city and town aid
Michigan school aid fund
general fund, environment & natural resources funds, game & fish fund
Missouri public education from K-12 to higher learning
Montana general fund, which supports education, health, and public safety among other programs
Nebraska lake improvements, wildlife habitats, education and need-based scholarships, state fair and recycling projects
New Hampshire public education
New Jersey education (including school nutrition, school contruction and renovation and higher education grants), centers for developmentally disabled, state psychiatric hospitals and veteran services
New Mexico college scholarships 
New York education
North Carolina education, including school constrcution, school staff, pre-K, college scholarships and need-based financial aid to UNC schools
North Dakota general fund,  compulsive gambling and treatment programs and drug task force
Ohio elementary, secondary, vocational, and special education programs
Oklahoma education, including K-12 compensation and benefits; college grants, loans and scholarships; and teachers' retirement system
Oregon economic initiatives, education, state parks, wildlife and enhancing watersheds
Pennsylvania programs that support senior residents
Rhode Island general fund which supports education, human services, public safety among other programs
South Carolina college scholarships, K-12 public education and public libraries
South Dakota general fund and capital construction fund
Tennessee college scholarships and grants and after-school programs
Texas education and veteran services
Vermont education
Virginia pre-K, textbooks, school breakfast and other K-12 public education
Washington education, economic development, stadium and exhibition center, and problem gambling programs
West Virginia education (pre-school through college), senior citizen services, tourism and state parks 
Wisconsin property tax relief
Wyoming state treasury and state fund for education
Sources: State Lottery Associations